Welcome to Skyline School, Home of the Waves! We are a unique school housing two outstanding educational programs, our 4th-6th grade program and our Global Education K-6 program.
Skyline is the recipient of the 2012 California Distinguished School Award. This recognition was achieved through the hard work of our students, committed and dedicated teachers and staff, and our active and involved parents.
Our Parent Teacher Association and the Solana Beach Schools Foundation provide substantial financial and volunteer support to our school, supporting specialized programs, technology, science, art, music and physical education.

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  • Principal's Message

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    I am so thankful to our wonderful Solana Beach School District community for your support in passing Bond JJ. Plans are now in motion to move forward with the rebuild of Skyline School. I would like to invite you to one of two very important parent meetings that are scheduled in the upcoming weeks to provide information about Skyline’s interim housing for our students for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. If you have questions or concerns, please plan on attending the meeting that will directly affect your child here at Skyline School. Both meetings will be held in the Activity Center:

    1/17/17 – Global Education Parent Meeting – 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    1/25/17 – 4th - 6th Grade Program Parent Meeting – 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    Child Nutrition Services

    SBSD is excited to expand our Harvest of the Month promotion to include the featured produce on the salad bar twice a month! Our goal is to expose students to fruits and vegetables in a fun and interesting way. This month's focus is on Beets!  Did you know that a 1/2 cup of beets is a good source of folate. Folate helps make healthy red blood cells and may lower a woman's risk of having a child with certain birth defects. Beets also have riboflavin (also know as vitamin B2), which works with other B vitamins to help your body grow and release energy from the carbohydrates you eat.

    Check out our January menu for reasons to eat beets, finding out how much to eat and a fruit/veggie activity.


    Salad Bar schedule:

    Tues, Jan 10 - julienne sliced raw beets

    Tues, Jan 24 - Beet & Mandarin Salad

    It gives me tremendous pride to work in a district that is constantly and consistently trying to grow and improve its lunch program.   We encourage you to check out our menu and encourage your children to try some of the tasty lunches we are providing. I know they will enjoy it!

    Rainy Day Pick-up System

    We are very fortunate to be getting rain this year, so I thought it was important to review Skyline’s rainy day pick-up system.   This system involves pairing two classes together, for our students in the 4-6th grade program, in the 4th and 5th grade portables. Global education students will proceed into the STREAM lab. If the rain is not coming down hard, dismissal will proceed as usual. If the rain is coming down hard, but there is no lightening, thunder or hail, students will go to assigned classrooms first. We will then dismiss those students to walk home. If there is lightning, thunder or hail, all students will go to their assigned classrooms, and parents will be required to pick up their students at the front of the school. We will not allow students or staff to walk in this type of weather. We have assigned teachers to come to the cars to get student names.   Those names will be forwarded to the office, and classrooms will be called to have students come to their car. We feel that having a more organized system will allow students to more efficiently exit at the end of the school day.   We appreciate your support as we try out our new rainy day system.   Please know that the safety of your children always comes first.

    Lisa Denham


    Don’t forget to mark these important dates on your calendar:

    Global Ed. Parent Info Meeting . . Thurs.-Jan. 26
    Presidents Week Break . . . . Feb. 20-24 


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