Welcome to Skyline School, Home of the Waves! We are a unique school housing two outstanding educational programs, our 4th-6th grade program and our Global Education K-6 program.
Skyline is the recipient of the 2012 California Distinguished School Award. This recognition was achieved through the hard work of our students, committed and dedicated teachers and staff, and our active and involved parents.
Our Parent Teacher Association and the Solana Beach Schools Foundation provide substantial financial and volunteer support to our school, supporting specialized programs, technology, science, art, music and physical education.

Wave Announcements

    Solana Beach Schools Foundation
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  • Principal's Message
    Dear Parents/Guardians:
    It seems as though several students have been returning to school after being sick a little too early, either not “fever free” for 24 hours or have vomited in the last 24 hours before returning to school. We want to keep all of our children healthy by preventing the spread of illness among our children. For the protection of your child as well as their classmates, please keep your child home and notify the school if there is evidence of any of the following:
    1. Fever (until fever free without mediation for 24 hours)
    2. Vomiting and/or diarrhea
    3. Rash, unless known to be allergic
    4. Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    5. Known communicable illness (i.e., strep throat, chickenpox, scabies, whooping cough, etc.)

    We also want to remind you that you may not send any medication, including over-the- counter medication, to school with your child.   Students are not allowed to carry ANY medication, including cough drops. All medication and over-the-counter medication must also be accompanied by a Physician Authorization form that has been signed by both the parent and the physician.   Physician Authorization forms may be obtained in the Health Office. All medications must also be in the original container with the pharmacy label, and must be brought to the health office by the parent. If your child requires medication at school and the proper paperwork has not been completed, a parent or approved person may come to school and administer the medication in the Health Office.

    If you have any questions regarding your child’s health, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Skyline.

    Community Information Meeting

    Thanks to voter approval, Measure JJ, the Solana Beach Schools GO Bond initiative, passed in November 2016. We will begin a number of school construction projects in June 2017. One of those projects will be the complete reconstruction of Skyline School.

    The reconstruction of Skyline includes demolition of current structures, grading, and rebuilding of classrooms, administration, parking, multipurpose room, and other elements of a comprehensive elementary school. Solar panels will be placed in parking lots, walkway canopies, and the lunch shelter. The reconstruction project will begin June 2017. The school will be ready for occupancy in Fall 2018.

    These are exciting times in our district, and we look forward to providing our students with greatly enhanced learning environments. We would like to invite you to join us for a Community Informational Meeting at which we will share more details about Skyline’s reconstruction. The meeting date and time will be held on Tuesday, March 7, at 5:30 p.m. in Skyline’s Activity Center.

    Child Nutrition Updates

    SBSD is excited to feature our Harvest of the Month item for February, Mandarin Oranges! Mandarin oranges will be featured on the salad bar twice this month, which gives the students two opportunities try a new fruit that is seasonal and filled with nutrients for their growing bodies. Check out our February menu for reasons to eat mandarins, finding out how much to eat and a physical activity tracker. 

    A 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges is a great source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary for proper growth and development and can only be found in plants. Our bodies do not store or make Vitamin C so it is imperative that we eat foods with Vitamin C every day! Vitamin C helps the body heal cuts and wounds and lowers our risk for infection. It also helps our bodies build tissue (collagen) that holds muscles and bones together.

    Salad Bar schedule:

    Tues, Feb 14 - mandarin oranges featured in the salad bar

    Tues, Feb 28 - Mandarin & Spinach Salad with Asian Sesame Dressing


    Lisa Denham


    Don’t forget to mark these important dates on your calendar:

    February Break . . . . Feb. 20-24
    6th Gr. Parent Coffee . . .Tues. Feb. 28
    SKY Community Mtg. . . . Tues. March 7
    PTA Walk-A-Thon . . . . . Fri. March 10
    PTA Managing Technology Family Ed. . .Tues. March 14


    As we look forward to the 2017-18 school year, the Global Education program will be temporarily housed at Solana Highlands Elementary School. To prepare for this move next year, we are asking Global Education parents to complete a short survey to help us plan for transportation, childcare, and participation in the lunch program. We ask that you complete this survey at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

    Lisa Denham
    Link to the survey monkey:



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