Welcome to Skyline School, Home of the Waves! We are a unique school housing two outstanding educational programs, our 4th-6th grade program and our Global Education K-6 program.
Skyline is the recipient of the 2012 California Distinguished School Award. This recognition was achieved through the hard work of our students, committed and dedicated teachers and staff, and our active and involved parents.
Our Parent Teacher Association and the Solana Beach Schools Foundation provide substantial financial and volunteer support to our school, supporting specialized programs, technology, science, art, music and physical education.

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    Getting Kids to Talk About Their Day
    Do you ever find yourself asking your children at the end of the school, “How was your day?” and getting the single word response, “fine?” We know that their day was extremely busy and productive, both in the classroom and on the playground. Here is a fun link that provides 25 Ways to Ask Your Kids ”So How Was School Today?”

    Volunteer Coffee
    We value and love to have our parents participate with us at Skyline. If you are interested in finding out ways to become involved at Skyline, I would encourage you to come to our Volunteer Coffee on Friday, September 19. We will be holding the meeting in our STREAM lab from 9 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. We hope that you are available to attend this very informative meeting.
    Growth Mindset 
    Skyline students and staff have started the year with a focus on having a growth mindset.  Did you know that the way you interact with your children has a major impact on the way they think about themselves and perform in school? Research now shows that students’ beliefs about their intelligence play an important role in their academic achievement. Students who believe their intelligence is a fixed trait tend to struggle more in school, especially as their schoolwork becomes more challenging. Students who believe their intellectual abilities can grow actually show both an increase in their enjoyment of learning as well as an increase in their academic progress. Research also shows that parents can influence the development of a fixed or growth mindset. While praising our children’s intelligence may boost their confidence for a brief moment, it also fosters the fixed view of intelligence. Our children become afraid of challenges, they lose confidence when tasks become hard, and they most often give up in the face of difficulty.

    What should parents do? Research shows that praising the process - your child’s effort or strategies - creates eagerness for challenges, persistence in the face of difficulty, and increased performance. Next time you are tempted to tell your child that he or she is “smart,” stop yourself. Instead, take the time to appreciate what they put into their work, not what the work means. Ask them how they went about it and show them how you appreciate their choices, their thinking process, as well as their persistence. Ask them about strategies that didn’t work and what they learned from them. When they make mistakes, use these as occasions for teaching them to come up with new strategies. Remind them that when you make mistakes, your brain is actually growing. As parents, we must also be persistent and growth-oriented as well. Narrate your thoughts and try something new or frustrating. Your child may even be able to offer some helpful tips. This allows children to see we all have to work hard to solve problems and we all continue to learn new things. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Accidents and mistakes happen. Show your child that there is something to be learned when we don’t achieve what we set out to accomplish. If we can teach our children one thing this year, both at school and at home, let’s teach our children how to grow their intelligence. It will have lasting effects on their success in school, in their careers and in life.

    Best wishes,

    Lisa Denham, Principal

    Don’t forget to mark these important dates on your calendar:
    Volunteer Coffee/Tea – 9:00 am . . . September 19
    Skyline Picture Day ... October 2
    Halloween Carnival ... October 26
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